The Spanish Constitution

A new task to talk about our Constitution, to know it better and comment its articles. You have to create a glog from a given frame I have designed for you. You can change whatever you want but it's necessary to use video, images, recordings and, of course, text.

This is the link where you can start your glog: http://torressouth.edu.glogster.com/the-spanish-constitution

We are the champions

In June of 2013 we turned to a call for aid to attend a Language Immersion program. Although there were only two possible winners for the Region of Murcia we worked with effort and enthusiasm to develop the best program possible, and thus try to win one of those two possibilities
. Finally, our work has been rewarded and we have been WINNERS getting the highest score and ranking first in the Secondary Schools of the Region of Murcia and therefore being chosen to perform the activity. We welcome this and we congratulate the 25 students in 2nd ESO that may attend the camp for free. Congrats!


A new year: new challenges

As you know we have designed a new wiki to improve the writing skill. Here you are the link, just click http://ourwritings.wikispaces.com/ to go there. On the other hand we have another site devoted to the 3rd ESO Bilingual, remember every bilingual class has its own website where pupils upload their blogs and teachers write homework, recommendations, idioms, news, etc... and parents can follow their children learning process. On the right bar you can find these links.

New Aula XXI

My dear students, our tool AULA XXI has changed this year and it doesn't work properly so far. We need to keep in contact so we will do it by email and through our website, we hope everything is fixed soon.


Why the strike tomorrow?

Here is the explanation, a group of teachers and pupils from a public school have created this wonderful video to explain the cuts we are having and the results of them.


A teacher sings

The singer is a professor of chemistry at the Cartagena Technical University, and has a rock band. She's the girl who came to the school to give our 4th ESO students a sexual orientation talk. José Luis is entering a contest to play at the SOS, his video is great. You can vote for it from Facebook from the link below if you like it.


Thank you, Greece. GRACIAS GRECIA

An institute of Murcia has made a video claiming the study of classical languages​​, namely Greek, in the Spanish educational system. Worth watching, congratulations!


Happy St Valentine's day

You can create your own prezi to write a Valentine card and then embed it on your blog. I propose a contest using ths tool, we can talk about it in class.



The project consists of telling a story about a brave rescue, you can use the tool you prefer to create it. Don't forget to upload it to your blog once you have finished it. Here you have an example I have done with PREZI.


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