Relative sentences

You know what I have told you, you can download the presentation by clicking on "presentation" and you'll get all my presentations uploaded, once you are there you can click on "download" and you can save it wherever you want, your pen, computer... Doubts on Friday.
Relative Sentences
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Anonymous said...

A rather clear ,concise and absolutely useful for our students of 1º BACH. torrestorres22 is very thankful to you for your generous cooperation
See you one of these days

Carmen said...

It is very nice of you to write a comment, of course I'd be delighted if i could see you

American Retard said...

Profesora en este examen te voy a sacar un 10 ya verass

Nacho llorca Garcia said...

profesora e esta mirandome lo de los pronombres relatives pronouns
y ya me e enterao mas o menos y e estado estudiando para el examen bueno me voy a seguir un bso dew


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