"Principle not policy; Justice, not favors. Men, their rights, and nothing more; Women, their rights and nothing less."
The Revolution, edited by Susan B. Anthony (Hymowitz, 161)

The history of Women's Day dates back to New York in 1857, when hundreds of working women went on strike and demonstrated against low salaries, long working hours and inhuman working conditions. 35 Years later in Copenhagen, Denmark, it was decided that the anniversary day of the women's "New York Strike" would be celebrated as International Women's Day. On the 8th of March 1975, the UN (United Nations) officially declared the 8th of March as a day of women's rights and world peace.
In all over the world this day is dedicated to women.

I'd like to wish all women all the best, and I invite men to celebrate this day with women all over the world!

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